Current Projects

Past Projects


  • Independent

    Burn Design Lab is registered as a Regional Testing and Knowledge Center with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.   Although we work closely with different cookstove manufacturers, BDL is an independent research, design and testing organization, that serves the needs of individual partners & clients. 

  • Cookstove Performance Testing

    BDL does complete cookstove testing, including efficiency, capacity, emissions (PM2.5, CO, & CO2), safety & durability.  For emissions measurement, the testing laboratory at BDL includes both a LEMS (laboratory emissions monitoring system) and a combustion analyzer. 

  • Cookstove Design

    BDL works with cookstove manufacturers, distributors, and others to develop new cookstove designs and/or to improve on existing designs.   We have expertise in rocket stoves, plancha stoves, charcoal stoves, and continuous feed pellet stoves.  Burn Design Lab has extensive knowledge of the materials typically used in cookstove manufacturing. 

  • Biomass Fuel Characterization & Assessment

    BDL is prepared to determine the suitability of any biomass material for use as a fuel for industrial, commercial, household, or other applications. 

  • User Research

    We can support the planning, coordination, & execution of user research as applied to cookstoves and fuels.