Cocotte Minute Gasy Pressure Cooker

Cocotte Minute Gasy Pressure Cooker

Madagascar faces a difficult future. 80% of the land cover has been lost to deforestation. Poverty affects 92% of the population, and only 11% of the rural population has access to power. Without power, households rely on charcoal for cooking meals. Charcoal production is one of the most significant causes of deforestation.

To address these issues, Justin Wimpey designed the Cocotte Minute Gasy, a robust, safe, and affordable pressure cooker. The cooker design was adapted from the local aluminum cooking pots, and reduces cooking time by over 50%. The CMG reduces indoor air pollution by cooking food more efficiently.

Since a large percentage, over 70% of the Malagasy people, live at higher elevations, a pressure cooker is well suited to saving time and therefore fuel due to it cooking at a higher temperature than is otherwise possible at these altitudes. Cooking in a pressure cooker also helps to retain vitamins and minerals which are vitally important to the health of the population of Madagascar.

BDL plans to optimize the cooking efficiency and production processes of the CMG.

The CMG is produced and distributed by a women led team in Antananarivo. They are passionate about making the CMG accessible to families and improve the lives of women.

CMG in the News:


  • Improve household health: The CMG reduces air pollution by cooking food more quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of wood fuel and smoke while cooking.

  • Empower Women: Women are responsible for firewood collecting for cooking and cooking over an open fire. The CMG will free up women's time to focus on other endeavors such as education.

  • Reduce deforestation: Charcoal is a major driver in deforestation in Madagascar. The CMG reduces the demand.

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