The Jikokoa (G3)

The Jikokoa (G3)

The Jikokoa is a charcoal stove designed for East Africa that reduces fuel consumption by more than 50% and reduces harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.  BDL’s sister organization, Burn Manufacturing Co.,  a social venture company,  is manufacturing over 20,000 Jikokoa’s monthly at their factory near Nairobi, Kenya. Over 450,000 Jikokoa stoves have been produced and sold to date, saving families up to $200 per year in fuel costs.

Burn Design Lab worked in partnership with Burn Manufacturing Co. on this third generation of the stove.

“This stove has changed my life because I do not use a lot of firewood and it is very comfortable and it also does not have smoke while cooking. Now with the money I have saved I can use it to do other jobs, you know there is always need for money, you can even buy chicken.” 

—Eunice Wairimu, Kenya​

Stats & Features

  • Shrink sleave coated handles

    Cool to the touch

  • Dual purpose ashtray

    Used for both ash removal and air flow adjustment

  • High temperature alloy combusion chamber and cone deck

    This allows for sustained high temperature to burn fuels efficiently

  • High temperature ceramic wool insulation

  • 2-year warranty

  • 43% thermal efficiency

  • Heat output high power: 2.5 KW

  • Turn down ratio: 7.2

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